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Homeless Hub Day

In early June 2018, MKA Youth participated in the Macarthur Homeless Hub Day, which is organised annually to provide homeless support and lifestyle essentials.

Through this event, over 30 packs were distributed, which consisted of everyday essentials that we all take for granted, including toothpaste, shaving foam, razors, deodorants, beanies, soaps, socks and ponchos.

"The Macarthur Homeless Hub day provided us with the opportunity to network with similar organisations and we hope to attend more of these events in the future to continue this work," President of MKA Youth, Ranjeet Manjrekar.

The main aim of homeless hub is to engage people who are homeless or at the brink of homlessness and connect them to serviced that can assist them with basic lifestyle essentials. The hub, which is organised by the Macarthur Homeless Commitee, has brought together over 30 local service providers in order to help those in need within the region.

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