Our mission is together we can achieve much more for the benevolent relief. Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has endorsed Marathi Katta Australia with the Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) & Charity Tax Concessions status from 17th October 2012. Marathi Katta Australia’s 7 point mission statement; Below mention activities have been undertaken or will be undertaken where possible to assist public benevolent by assisting disadvantaged people who are in need by relieving their sufferance directly via:

1.    Distribution of food to people with misfortune;

2.    Distribution of blankets and warm clothing to homeless people;

3.    Provision of temporary shelter to people who are affected by natural calamities or at risk of being homeless;

4.    Provision of mobility aid to disabled people;

5.    Offering professional counseling to terminal ill people;

6.    Provision of blood through blood donation to support requirements of sick people; and

7.    Provision of educational aid to eligible candidates via schools and other channels.

What is our 7 point vision?